If You Don’t Like Losing Toenails, Click Here.

We all know that feeling.  The one where suddenly the tip of your toe feels…loose.  Sure enough, you take off your shoes and there it is: a toenail at the end of its rope.  Some runners lose them on a routine basis, others only experience Toe Fallout once in a while.

Either way, it’s a good idea to take precautionary measures to make sure you’re not endangering your tootsies.  Here are some ways to keep those bad boys from falling off.

Get Pedicures

A well-trimmed toenail is your best defense.  If you’re not maintaining them, now is the time to start.  As an added bonus, a skilled nail technician can remove callouses and ingrown toenails.  Shoot for going once a month.  In between, make sure to moisturize your feet.  If you want extra protection and you have some extra cash, opt for a shellac manicure.  The harder varnish is added protection for your toes.

Extra Room in Your Shoe

When in doubt, shoe maintenance is the best default.  Before the New York marathon, I got a beautiful pair of running shoes.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough room for the tip of my toes.  By the time the marathon was over, I had lost THREE toenails.  Mind you, I had never lost toenails before. As your foot rotates, it pushes up against the end of the shoe.  I had to learn that one the hard way.  Now, I am extremely self-conscious about the room in my shoe.  When going for a fitting, make sure that you have about an inch of extra room.   It is going to give your feet some crucial breathing space.

Get Proper Socks

Much like proper footwear, you could be wearing the wrong socks.  Opt for a pair that is moisture wicking.  Even better, get some moisture wicking socks that have extra cushioning in them.  While I’m not entirely sure of the science behind them, I can really tell when I’m wearing a crappy pair of socks versus my Nike cushion socks.

Do you have any horror stories from losing toenails?  Sound off below!