Wantlist: July 8

This Rucksack

The Burberry Beasts collection is inspired by mythical animals from medieval manuscripts.  The accessories, including an owl shaped crossbody bag, are fun and creative.  The apricot rucksack is my favorite.

Burberry, The Large Rucksack in Deerskin: $2,895

These Brushes

I was absentmindedly scrolling through my Instagram feed and had to do a double take when these came up.  The entire Mermaids collection is slightly reminiscent of 90’s era Barbie, but with a fun summer twist.

Lime Crime Aquarium Liquid Glitter Makeup Brush Set & Pouch: $58

This Lip Kit

Since the brand first dropped, I was so reluctant to spend $29 on a lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics.  However, the second I saw this this cool-toned nude on Katherine Webb, it seems like the color I’ve been trying (and failing) to add to my collection.

Maliboo Lip Kit: $29

These Jeans

I swear I see these at least three times every afternoon that I walk through DUMBO.  Considering I practically melted in jeans today, I think it’s time to pick these up.

Madewell: $135

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