Holy Grail Makeup: 4 Products that I’ll Always Repurchase

Estée Lauder™ Double Wear Makeup To Go Desert Beige
As I’ve gotten older, my skin has gotten highly sensitive to the products that I put on my face.  After trying practically every foundation at every price point, this is the only one that doesn’t make me break out.  It also provides great coverage that doesn’t get cakey.

I’d have to say my only gripe is that it seems like the product runs out fast, and the package design is a little awkward.  I like to warm up foundation on my hand, but it’s next to impossible with the compact.  On the bright side, rumors say the packaging design is changing soon.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 0.27 Ounce Full Size
I was always a fan of luxury products, but I felt like spending a ton on mascara was just ridiculous.  Then, I picked up a sample of this at Sephora on a whim.  I was immediately hooked.  It is definitely worth every penny.

On a side note, I recommend not getting the waterproof version.  The formula just doesn’t seem to have the same effect, and it’s pretty tough to wash off.

MAC Mineralize Blush – Petal Power

Petal Power looks so elegant on the cheekbones.  It doubles as a highlighter, so there’s no need to cake extra product on your face.  That’s a major bonus for your skin during the workday.  It’s also a great transitional color to use when you’re blending in a contour.

Eylure Eyl Vegas Nay Eyelash, Bronze Beauty

I was one of the suckers dropping $40+ for a set mink lashes for almost a year.  Then, I found these at Target and gave them a whirl.  They wear just the same as all the mink lashes that I previously purchased.  My personal favorite is Bronze Beauty, but I just picked up Golden Goddess this week, too.  I highly recommend these for great quality, low price point, and the ease of picking them up at Target.




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