Throwback to the Greatest Nike Commercial Ever

This morning, I ran across the Brooklyn Bridge.  On a regular Sunday, the crowds are a little sparse.  Er, as sparse as you can get for New York City.  Today was different.

There were awareness walks, group runs, and individual runners.  You know what that means?  Running season is officially here!

Like many others, I run year round.  However, I’ve always loved the fall because I feel like it’s the one time of year that running becomes a mainstream activity.  Suddenly, everyone wants to be a marathon runner.  It’s a beautiful energy.

When it becomes mainstream, big companies pay attention.  I think my all-time favorite commercial was the one Nike put out in the fall of 2015.

It truly embodies that no matter who you are, no matter how fast you’re going, everyone is a runner.  And yes, sometimes your workout is gonna hurt.

Happy running season!


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