You Have No Excuse: An 81-Year-Old is Running Chicago Tomorrow

Every marathon season, inspiring journeys of real runners are featured in the news.  Recently, the local media turned their eyes to Max Downham.

Downham is an 81-year-old runner that will be attempting his first Chicago Marathon this weekend.  While he has jogged all his life, Max had never competed in a race until this year.  He and his trainer have been slowly building up his stamina at local Chicago races.

Over the summer, he finished first in his age division (80 to 99) at the Chicago Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon.  He was the only runner in his age division, but that just goes to show how healthy Downham is at his age.

Downham spoke to ABC News about his journey to 26.2:

It’s something that I’d like to be able to do and say I’ve done it and I think also quite honestly I take care of myself and I believe in good health and I think this is a wonderful way to keep yourself in good shape and health.

When he’s not training for a marathon, Downham is the Executive Director for the International College of Surgeons.  He is running to raise awareness for Chicago Lights.  The organization assists impoverished adults and children within Chicagoland.

Downham says retirement is not really in his psyche.  He fully intends to run another marathon after this; just don’t expect him to be chasing down the Kenyans.

I’ve said it before.  One of the best parts of running is that anyone can do it – that’s why I love Max Downham.

Watch the video below:


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