Woman Sets Guinness World Record By Running a Marathon in 3-Inch Stilettos

Even writing that title made me do a full-on cringe face.  Irene Sewell, 27, is a Virginia native that decided to set a world record running in stilettos.

This podiatrist’s worst nightmare got the idea after hearing that a woman attempted the same record during the London Marathon.  That woman gave up halfway through and ran the remainder barefoot.

Sewell, a former professional ballroom dancer, set the record at the 7 Bridges Marathon in Chattanooga, TN.  She paired her black, 3-inch stilettos with a pair of hot pink socks.  She completed the race just a little under seven hours and thirty minutes.

Does any girl besides me remember the sheer agony of long-distance high heel walking in college?  In terms of the pain index, walking for miles in stilettos is right up there with getting stung by hornets.

So, like, how did her feet not fall off?

Sewell recruited a podiatrist to make sure that wouldn’t happen.  Although she wanted to fully train for the race in her stilettos, the podiatrist walked her off the ledge.

From her interview with Runner’s World:

I did most of my runs in tennis shoes, and then I would do a three-to-seven mile run in my heels every once in awhile, but I’d also wear heels a lot throughout the day just to create callouses and get my feet ready.

Guinness representatives could not attend the race, so Sewell had to rely on her friends to record the entire feat.  To make matters even worse, the Chattanooga marathon had miscalculated the distance of the marathon.  They were over by 0.63 miles.

Oh, yeah.  And if you any girls (or incredibly special men) want to attempt this, Sewell dropped knowledge about how to execute:

The best thing I discovered to stop blisters on the ball of my foot was to use moleskin.  That was my biggest secret.

You know what?  I think I’ll pass.  The last time I wore heels that extensively my foot basically caved in.

She did, however, have some great reflections on mind over matter:

In terms of advice, even if you’re not trying to run in heels, get out and set goals. Your mind is so much stronger than your body, so if you think you can do it and you’re mentally prepared, you should be able to do it.


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