Morning Workouts vs. Evening Workouts: Who’s the Winner?

It’s a classic argument.  Is it better to work out in the morning or the evening?  Each party swears they’re on the better side, but no decision has been made…until now.  So, let’s use one of my favorite methods of making any decision: the good ol’ “pros and cons” list.

Morning Workouts


  • You get it out of the way.  It’s a nice way to start your day knowing that you’ve already accomplished something.
  • Morning workouts are associated with being thinner.  Your metabolism gets a swift kick in the butt, and it continues throughout the day.


  • That painful wake-up call.  And if you’re a snoozer, you could be cutting into your workout time.
  • It might not be realistic, especially if you work a 9-5.  REM cycles occur later in your sleep session, and they’re the most valuable part of sleeping.  You might find yourself in severe sleep deprivation.

Evening Workouts


  • Your mornings get significantly more chill.  That morning workout quickly adds up to some high maintenance routines.  Showering, changing clothes, and rushing off to your commute.  All of that insanity and it’s not even 8:00 am.
  • Your body has already been moving for a while, so you’re going to put in more effort.  If you feel like you need some extra time, you have the whole night ahead of you.  In a way, this offsets the whole “morning metabolism” theory.


  • Your social life can suffer.  I had to opt out of many happy hours for gym time.  But long-term, maybe that’s not the worst thing.  Re: cutting booze to lose weight.
  • Working out close to bedtime can cause sleep disruption.  Make sure to power down with some chill music and yoga moves.

Ultimately, I believe it depends on your own preference.  The bottom line is that you’re working out, and that’s already a giant step in the right direction.

Me?  Personally, I’m an evening person.  When I work out in the morning, I tend to zonk out by midday.  I also feel hungrier.  However, if I know I can’t fit a workout in at night, I’ll opt for the less-preferred method: workouts before 6:00 am.

Do you prefer morning or evening workouts?


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