A Chipotle Recipe…Sorta. Meet the Diet Burrito Bowl.

burrito bowl

Am I the only one at a complete loss by the bodybuilders that swear by Chipotle meals every day?  Personally, every time we go to Chipotle, I have to prepare myself for gaining at least two pounds, having a food hangover, and feeling instant regret.  Plus, all that sodium.  Woof.

I lived next to Chipotle all next year and gained about ten pounds eating it every night.  In an effort to curb my craving for burrito bowls, I came up with a “diet” burrito bowl recipe.  Years later, I still use it.  As an added bonus, it’s a great go-to for weekly meal prep.  Mostly because it is probably the most half-assed recipe of all time.

The ingredients:

1 Bag Tri-Color Quinoa

1 Can of Black Beans

1 Can of Black Olives

1 oz. Cilantro Leaves

2 Peppers, Red & Green

1 oz. Taco Bell Taco Seasoning

1 bag of Organic Valley Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese

1 Scoop of light sour cream and/or Guacamole

  • Cook the quinoa according to the instructions on the back
  • Once it’s done, drop it into a large container with the black beans and black olives
  • Dice the peppers and chop cilantro leaves
  • Drop peppers, cilantro leaves, and seasoning into bowl
  • Mix all aforementioned ingredients
  • When you’re ready to eat, scoop out your portion and heat in the microwave for 90 seconds
  • Once it’s hot, add sharp cheddar cheese and toppings of your choice

And now, you’re officially a burrito expert.  And probably contributing to Chipotle’s plummeting stock.  Enjoy!


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