7 Pieces of Cold Weather Running Gear You Need Right Now (So You Don’t Turn Into An Ice Cube)

Today, the east coast got hit with a wicked cold snap.  That means winter running season is here.  It’s painful.  I truly consider it a chore.  However, cold weather running is so worth it.  When I finally get out on a warm spring day, I practically fly from joy.

Over the years, my winter running gear has evolved from beat-up hoodies to streamlined, beautiful clothes.  As long as you have a few go-to’s, winter running is a breeze.  Granted, a super cold one.  Here are the 7 staples in my cold weather closet.

Nike Miler Flash Warm

I opt for Dri-Fit material underneath my running jacket.  Believe it or not, you’re going to sweat more on a cold run.  This helps soak it all up so you don’t feel as gross when you get back inside.

Nike Epic Lux “Oregon Project”

Really can’t go wrong with more Nike Dri-Fit.  The Epic Lux moves great and looks even better.  I have the plain navy and black, but these special edition ones are too good not to share.

UA Heat Gear Tech Crew Socks

In the winter, layers are key.  By opting for a higher sock under running tights, crucial heat is added to the whole ensemble.  Or, ya know, you could go full Flashdance with some leg warmers.

Down For a Run Jacket

If you purchase one thing from this list, make sure it’s this.  This jacket completely changed my perspective on running outside in the blistering cold.  Unfortunately, it looks like the new version has more minimal reflective detailing.  C’mon Lululemon!

Wool Be Toasty Gloves

Make sure those gloves can still work an iPhone.  There is nothing more annoying than having to slip a glove off and on while bearing with the cold weather.

Run It Out Neck Warmer

It looks a little silly, but it sure does get the job done.  Neck warmers are great, especially for windy runs (Chicago tested and approved).  The perforations in this neck warmer make sure you’re not inhaling fabric with every breath.

Greenlight Headband

I feel a little bad shafting Brooks so much.  They are honestly one of the best brands for running gear.  This headband is great keeping your ears nice and toasty.  Personally, I opt out of running beanies because I just sweat way too much.



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