Sheddable Shell: The Best Throwaway Outfit You Haven’t Tried Yet

Last week, my friend Marcela invited me for some serious carbo-loading before she and her brother ran the New York Marathon.  At some point, they both realized they had bought everything at the expo except one crucial piece: throwaway clothes.

It’s not anyone’s fault.  I used to scramble on marathon eve for cheap sweats.  Because I pitch the sweats less than 12 hours later, it’s such an afterthought.  They’re not our beautiful, planned racing outfit.  Still, throwaway clothes are important.  Last year, I came across a particularly awesome throwaway outfit.

Frankly, it’s not easy on the eyes.

But damn, did this thing work.  I discovered the magical Sheddable Shell at the New York 2016 expo, and I was a bit hesitant to buy the jacket and pants.  Basically, for $20 I looked like a Devo stunt double.  Not ideal with so many handsome men walking around pre-race.

It’s Warm

The material feels paper thin, but it’s a different story when it’s wrapped around your body.  The sheddable shell is wind resistant, weatherproof, and the warmest outfit I’ve ever worn.  If you hate sitting in the cold, this definitely will make you feel more comfortable.

It’s Lightweight

The lightweight material translates well when you’re running.  I had heavy sweats in Boston, and I tossed them way too soon in order to get rid of excess weight.  Since the Sheddable Shell was so light, I could endure it much longer.

Cool.  How Much?

The jacket and pants are $10 each.  Even though it’s a higher price point than your standard drugstore sweats, bathrobes, etc. I can confidently say the Sheddable Shell is worth the money.  Test it out for your next cold weather 5k, and you might find yourself buying another for your next marathon.

And yeah, it’s a little heinous, but since when was a marathon a fashion show, anyway?


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