Favorite New York Workout: Mile High Run Club

With Mile High Run Club turning 3 on Wednesday, it’s only appropriate that I tip my hat to one of the best workouts in New York City.

Where is it?

Mile High Run Club has two locations in New York City.  My favorite location is in NoHo, but NoMad has a one-up: it sports a recovery room.

How much is it?

Depending on how many classes you want, it will run you a little above or below $30.  If you’re looking to test it out first, ClassPass is a great option.

Is this only for hardcore runners?

Not at all.  A pace card allows you to tailor the experience to what works for you.  I’ve yet to encounter a trainer that isn’t accommodating and understanding.  In one class, my blood sugar plummeted and I had to walk.  Super embarrassing, considering I usually crush the class.  The trainer didn’t yell at me.  Instead, he went out of his way to grab me a water and make sure that I was feeling better.

What’s the best class to try?

Dash 28 is by far my favorite class.  It’s a 45-minute metabolism killer.  And no, you’re not dying on a treadmill the whole time.  You start with a 5-minute warm-up, proceed to about three miles on the treadmill, and head to the floor for some kettlebell training.

What benefit have you seen?

My speed and concentration have significantly improved since joining Mile High Run Club.  In Manhattan, you run a lot of hills, and MHRC has taught me to set intentions that allow me to skip the walk break and truck all the way up.  For those looking for aesthetics, I have seen a lot more tone in my obliques and arms since joining.  That’s always a nice bonus.

Any other perks of being a part of MHRC?

You are opting for a tight-knit running community in a big city.  Mile High offers outdoor workouts, group runs, fun trainers, and training plans that center around New York running events.

What are you waiting for?  Check them out, and happy birthday Mile High!


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