How to Turn All of Your Old Racing Bibs Into Awesome Stuff

Medals are great and all, but racing bibs are something special.  Racing bibs are like your best running buddy.  They’re with you the whole race, through everything.  It kind of gives you the Tom Hanks in Castaway vibe.  It almost feels wrong to throw this stupid, inanimate object away.

If you have been racing a while, you’ve probably accumulated a ton of racing bibs.  After a while, it’s too much.  The stack builds.  You have to get rid of/do something with these things.  Here are some great ideas for what to do with all of those racing bibs.



Each race gets two pages.  One side hosts photos, best memories from the race, and your time.  On the other side, stick that good old race bib.  This is currently what I’m doing with my bibs, and it’s an awesome addition to your coffee table.

Mod Podge


Yet another fun decoration for your home that goes beyond just framing all those bibs.  This idea comes from Half Crazy Mama, and I absolutely love it.  If you’re looking for a little extra flavor, add hooks to hang your medals.  Don’t think I’ve done mod podge since middle school, so maybe this will be my excuse to give it another whirl.

Tote Bag

From: Mile 22

If you’re not Martha Stewart, you can always outsource your DIY.  Mile 22 has cornered the market on turning your racing bibs into bags.  They can create messenger bags, totes, and even duffel bags.  I’d love to use this as a humble brag when I’m traveling to other destination marathons.




Another humble brag, this time for the coffee table. specializes in creating coasters.  This is a cool way to showcase some of your favorite racing bibs.  And, ya know, it’s a great reminder that you do deserve to pour yourself another beer.



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