Fighting the Battle of the Bulge? Tips to Avoid Weight Gain This Thanksgiving

Did you know the average American consumes 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving?

Honestly, who’s surprised?  It’s a holiday that centers around football, drinking, and gravy baths.  A wise man once told me to “keep it simple, stupid”.  That’s why I’m here to give you five easy strategies to make sure you stick closer to 3,000 calories rather than 30 million.

By the way, if you’ve landed on this page in hopes of finding a gluten-free casserole, please click out.  I’m a proud, corn-fed Midwesterner, and I’m here to encourage your gluttony this Thanksgiving.

Add some sprints into that turkey trot

I need to dispel a myth: a 5k is not going to justify the amount of stuffing you’re about to put into your body.  We burn around 100 calories per mile.  Torching 300 calories is doing nothing for a 3,000 calorie meal.  However, there is a hack you can add to that Turkey Trot.  High-intensity interval cardio (HIIT) allows you to keep your calories burning efficiently all day.

Just follow this workout:

Pitch the leftovers ASAP

At the most, have leftovers around only one day later.  Thanksgiving dinner is great, but the food is loaded with empty calories.  One day of gluttony isn’t going to kill you, but repeating that meal for one week spells trouble.  Plus, it encourages the start of a bad habit: overeating.

Instead, pitch the food or give leftovers to your family as they’re walking out the door.  Do whatever it takes to get rid of everything once the celebration is over.

Start with protein and simple vegetables

For your first plate, opt for some turkey.  Turkey is a lean protein.  Thus, it will fill you up and keep you full.  The fuller you feel, the less you will eat later on.

Vegetables are a good choice, too.  Just make sure it’s something simple like broccoli rather than creamed corn.  On Thanksgiving, veggies have a tendency to get unhealthy very fast.

Pack the party with other activities

If you’re bored, you’re going to eat.  As the host, line up some other activities for guests.  That way,  everyone isn’t mindlessly munching the whole time.  This year, my family is hosting charades, a pool tournament, and even a piñata.  Food has become the afterthought.

Treat yourself

Do not let any article on the internet make you feel bad about feasting for one day.  Sometimes, a feast is actually a good way to shock your metabolism.  In fact, when I’m trying to lose weight, I’ll have one day a week of pure gluttony just to shock my system out of a plateau.  However, I AM NOT recommending continuing the literal gravy train until January 1.  Start fresh on Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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