STORYTIME: I Got Run Over On a Run (or, Why You Should Never Listen to “Woolly Bully”)

Today, I was scanning through old photos on my iPhone when I came across a gruesome running memory.  About three years ago, a bike ran me over.

And I don’t mean this bike gave me a slight love tap.  It literally rocketed me about ten yards directly into a gaggle of geese.  I got up full of confusion, adrenaline, and gushing blood.

The worst part is…

It happened in September of 2014.  Since I was in my last few weeks training for the Chicago Marathon, I was starting to hit my last few long run sessions.  I remember it was a beautiful Sunday for a 16 miler.  Granted, it was a little windy, but that’s normal on the Lakefront Trail.

Now, Chicago was one of the first cities to introduce Divvy bikes.  If you’re not familiar, it’s basically ZipCar for bikes.  Unfortunately, it caused an upswing in biking accidents throughout Chicago.

With only two miles left, I started heading toward the Museum Campus to snap a quick picture (for the ‘Gram, am I right?).  My iPod shuffle started playing “Woolly Bully” which has a decent BPM.  I remember I was mentally calculating how much time I had left when *BOOM*.

Suddenly, I was skidding along the asphalt and wound up face-to-face with a Canadian goose.  For a minute, I couldn’t register what happened.  Then, I turned around to see a guy laying down on the sidewalk.  Naturally, a Divvy bike lay a few feet away.  I hate those things with all of my heart.

I stood up, and my knee was already twice its size.

Apparently,  my would-be murderer was trying to avoid the geese and wound up not seeing me.  His Divvy hit me square in the back, so in the words of Pokemon, it was super effective.  Ugh.

By this time, a small crowd had gathered around us.  It was pretty embarrassing considering I was hysterically crying.  I ended up gritting my teeth and accepting his extensive apologies.  Thankfully, I was only about one mile from home.

Being a stubborn ox, I tried to finish the last two miles.  Unfortunately, it proved impossible.

Here are the lovely pictures from that run.  Note the chunk of sidewalk embedded in my knee.

Weeks later, my knee was still hamburger meat.  Nowadays, the only odd reminder that remains is a mild numbness in my right knee.  However, it’s not debilitating.  In fact, it’s hardly noticeable unless I’m really paying attention to it.

I wish I could give some advice as to how to avoid a run-in (or run over) like this, but I honestly just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Invest in some Neosporin.  Never listen to Sam the Sham.  You’re an athlete now, kid.  Injuries happen.

What’s your worst running experience?  Comment below.



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