Swing and a Miss: Adidas Unveils 2018 Boston Marathon Jacket

It’s one of the most iconic jackets in sports.  The Boston Marathon jacket is something every runner dreams of wearing.  Every year, I look forward to the reveal of this year’s color scheme.  Sometimes it’s a hit, other times it’s a total miss.

Here’s the jacket for 2018.


Courtesy of Adidas

Personally?  I’m thinking this year is yet another miss by Adidas.

Firstly, I absolutely despise the new trend of diversifying the jackets for male and female participants.  It’s very subtle in the picture, but women were given coral.  Men were given “noble red”.  Guys, it’s 2017 – how are we moving away from equality?

Second, the only thing I see when I look at this jacket is the Cleveland Browns.  Ya know…the team that’s gone 0 and 14 in football this year.  Doesn’t exactly imply “winner” in my book.

Frankly, I am very self-aware how much I hate the color schemes that Adidas comes up with, so I checked out some of the reviews to make sure that I’m not the only one feeling this way.  The women’s jacket has a whopping two stars, and the male counterpart has barely cleared one.

As Meg28 wrote:

I’m starting to really wonder whether Adidas is making these jackets so ugly on purpose because it’s become a “thing.” Whether they are or they aren’t, getting really annoying how hideous the color choices are. Or lack of color choices. Also, why do men at least get a black jacket option, but women can only pick this nasty color?

Here are some other Boston jackets through the years.

2017 looked a little closer to what the people wanted: blue and yellow.  However, there is something about the “girl” version being pink that feels awful.

Courtesy of Adidas

I qualified for 2016, but I’m happy that I didn’t run that year.  Otherwise, I’d have been stuck with this vomit green atrocity.

Courtesy of Adidas

I ran in 2015. Luckily, I loved my jacket.  When we went to the baseball game at Fenway, you could pick out runners from across the ballpark.  The orange is eye-catching.

Courtesy of Adidas

As for 2014?  I’ll just leave this one here.  #yikes

Courtesy of Adidas

2013 had more of the traditional color scheme with some black detailing.  C’mon guys, just bring this one back!

Courtesy of Adidas

In 2012, the “high energy” and black was a decent attempt, but I’ve seen it in person.  The only way to describe it is low energy.  Probably not what a Boston runner is looking for.

Courtesy of Adidas

2011 looks like the marathon was sponsored by Xbox.

Courtesy of Adidas

And finally, here’s 2010.  Out of all the color schemes we’ve seen, this is still the most coveted.

Courtesy of Adidas

Which jacket is your favorite?


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