Download the 6 Fitness Apps That I Can’t Live Without

“There’s an app for that.”  We hear it all the time, but all fitness applications are not created equal.

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As a millennial that remembers life with dial-up, I try to keep my tech lifestyle low maintenance.  However, that’s not to say there are some awesome applications that I revisit time and time again, especially in the fitness space.  Here are five of my favorite fitness apps.

Happy Scale

I’ve been on this one religiously for about eight months, and it definitely helped me lose a ton of weight.  The interface is simple.  You simply pick your goal weight and punch your weight in every day.  The application does the rest.  My favorite feature is milestones – when you’re trying to lose more than ten pounds, breaking it down into bite-sized chunks makes you feel like the task is very do-able.

Zombies, Run!

Sometimes, you just need a break from the music.  Zombies, Run! makes you the star of the latest zombie movie.  There is an addictive storyline to take in, but that’s not all.  Sometimes, the app throws in a few moments where zombies chase you, and you can actually hear them getting closer.  I have never sprinted so fast in my life.


I’ve talked frequently about my devotion to ClassPass.  Oftentimes, I’ll schedule classes on the fly.  I think the application does a great job of tipping you off to classes that are based on both goals and location.


Shout out to my brother for finding this one.  As I previously talked about, intermittent fasting is the only way that I diet.  Having a countdown and a goal tracker has really helped “gamify” this aspect of my life.  You can select a fast or customize it.  I’m currently testing out the 16-hour fast, and I’m weirdly having fun doing it.


Runkeeper is a hallmark of the running community.  It’s home to over 45 million runners.  Essentially, every need that I have as a runner has been thought out and placed into the application.  My favorite feature is the ability to recap your run with a picture, map, pace, etc.  It’s also a great way to track and achieve smaller running goals.

New York Road Runners

Because why run if you don’t get involved a bit in the community?  I’m lucky enough to live in a city that has a legit running application.  The NYRR application shows you race events happening – a great thing to have at the competitive runner’s fingertips.  Moreover, it tracks race results and PRs over time.

Did of your favorite fitness apps make the list?  What did I miss?


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