Jogger Robs Coffee Stand in Santa Hat and Ski Mask, but That’s Not His Worst Crime

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of running.  Lower blood pressure, cancer prevention, and many more. Somewhere out there, a man has discovered a new benefit to running: boosting his financial health.

This past week, a man, dressed as though out for a run, robbed a coffee stand.  It happened on Thursday night in Medford, a small city in southwestern Oregon.  In the region, small drive-through coffee stands are pretty common.

In the early evening hours on December 21, Medford police responded to a hold-up alarm at the Black Rock Coffee Bar.  Allegedly, the suspect “was jogging by when he approached the stand and demanded money as he jogged in place.”  Then, he headed off in the direction of a nearby grocery store called Food 4 Less.

The local police department believes this isn’t an isolated incident.  In fact, they’ve been responding to similar robberies since March.  This past month, two other coffee stands were robbed in a similar fashion. Police Sergeant Kimberly Budreau said, “Since they’re happening at coffee stands you know we’d like to figure out who’s doing this and we are investigating.”  The suspect in this particular incident is six feet tall, 185 pounds,  with a slender build.

He dressed like most joggers in the cold weather.  He wore a bright orange t-shirt (good to know he’s using proper visibility tips for an evening run), white sneakers, and shorts over black tights.  In a festive holiday twist, he wore a Santa hat.  In a not-so-festive twist, he had on a black ski mask.  No weapon was involved in the incident.

That “no weapon” thing really bugs me.  What, exactly, did the jogger do that made the cashier feel like he needed to hand over the cash?  I need more details.

But, really.  I think the biggest crime here might be that the robber was jogging in place.


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