Merry Christmas: 25 Reasons Running is the Best Gift You’ve Ever Gotten

I can’t believe it’s already Christmas.  This year has absolutely flown by.  We’ve hung the stockings.  We’ve wrapped a bunch of gifts.  Most importantly, we’ve eaten our weight in candy canes and sugar.  And as runners, did you know we’ve already been given the greatest gift of all?

Here are 25 reasons that running is an amazing gift.

  1. Running is the most effective exercise to increase life expectancy.  One hour of running can add seven hours to your life.
  2. You’ve tapped into a supportive and positive community.
  3. Whether near or far, running can help you explore your surroundings.
  4. Running prevents bone loss and arthritis in the knees.
  5. It’s a great way to clear your head.
  6. It’s also a great way to lose weight.
  7. It teaches you how to achieve goals.
  8. Running equals major calorie deficits.  No need to hold the carbs.
  9. A good run helps mental health.  In fact, it changes the structure of the brain.  In some cases, it can neutralize stress, depression, or both.
  10. It can prevent certain forms of cancer.  In women, it can significantly reduce instances of breast cancer.
  11. Regular exercise prevents mental decline as you age.
  12. In terms of dollars spent, running is one of the cheapest sports.
  13. You earn the respect of others for your achievements.
  14. Who needs a facelift?  Running slows down the aging process.
  15. Running prevents high blood pressure.  In just a few weeks, it can significantly lower it.
  16. Every race gives out coupons, free clothes, food, and medals.
  17. Improve stamina – both on and off the track.  If you get my drift… *wink wink*
  18. You feel primal and in tune with nature.  After all, we’re doing exactly what our ancestors have done since the dawn of time.
  19. Speaking of primal you can take your furry friend along (just make sure it’s a proper running breed).
  20. Running reduces the risk of heart disease.
  21. That runner’s high is a very real, well-documented thing.
  22. Running prevents cataracts and blindness – who knew your vision was getting a workout?
  23. It’s an immune system booster.  Very rarely will you find yourself under the weather.
  24. Getting in an outdoor run offers a significant Vitamin D boost.  Vitamin D prevents diabetes 2, strengthens bones, and fights depression.
  25. It’s something you can do for the rest of your life.

Merry Christmas to you all.  Hope you’re able to get in a run today!


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