Do You Suffer From Any of These Common Running Skin Problems?

There’s no doubt that running is one of the best workouts you can do.  It promotes weight loss and boosts longevity.  However, running isn’t perfect.  Oftentimes, running can cause both short-term and long-term skin problems.  Here are some common ailments and how to solve them.

Sun Damage

Running outside is a fantastic way to get some Vitamin D and be “at one” with nature.  However, it can also expose runners to an absurd amount of UV rays.  The last time I went to the dermatologist, my doctor could tell I was a runner simply by looking at the white sun spots all over my body.  I have an olive complexion and never get a sunburn, so that was one of my first real yikes moments.

How to fix it: Get a sport sunscreen.  I love using Coppertone Sport – of all the sunscreens I’ve tried, this one can really withstand a sweaty workout.

Dry Skin

Since runners are typically thinner, they can suffer from lower levels of estrogen.  When estrogen drops off, so does collagen content.  Collagen hydrates our skin and makes it firm.  If paired with no sunscreen, the result is the dreaded “runner’s face”.

How to fix it: Eat foods that are high in protein –  salmon, lean meats, eggs, and beans.  Stay hydrated.  Be preventive with your skin care routine.  Use a moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid and collagen-promoting peptides. I recently picked up the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum to mix into my daily moisturizer.  In just one week, I’ve noticed my skin appears more radiant.


By far one of the biggest pitfalls to running is the amount of effort required to keep acne at bay.  Clogged pores can cause acne, especially along the hairline and back.

How to fix it: Try to shower as soon as possible after your run.  If it’s not possible, try to pack a change of clothes and a temporary fix.  If I can’t take a shower right away, I opt for Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Facial Cleansing Pads and wipe my acne prone areas.


At chafing’s best, it’s a mild annoyance.  At it’s worst, it can feel like an Indian burn on steroids.  The longer that you run, the more prone you can be to chafing, so be careful if you go over an hour.

How to fix it: Figuring out how to deal with chafing can be personal.  In my opinion, it’s important to pick clothes that fit well and don’t bunch up.  Wherever you’re prone to chafing, throw on some Body Glide.

Do you deal with any of these skin problems?


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