You Can Hypnotize Yourself on YouTube – Here Are 2 Mystical Videos You Must Try

Hypnosis is something that has fascinated me for a long time.  Although I had seen many convincing videos of it being done, the jury was out until I experienced it myself.  Sadly, I thought I’d never experience it unless I dropped hundreds of dollars on a hypnotherapist.

Then, YouTube stepped in to help me out.  My friend and I stumbled across guided meditations on YouTube, and we decided to give it a go.  I promise you what l experienced that first time dispelled any doubt.  The experience is very close to lucid dreaming.  And I feel that whole “third eye” thing that everyone talks about.  While I can’t exactly say if what I experience is true, it definitely provides a memory unlike any other.

Now, I try to do a guided meditation at least once a month, whether for personal maintenance or just for fun.  Mindfulness is key in 2018.  There are plenty of meditations out there, but if you’re trying to have an experience unlike any other, I recommend checking out these videos.  If you’re too afraid to try them out, I recommend perusing the comment section – that offers more than enough material to work with.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide

This one was wild (no pun intended).  I walked into a garden and met a white lion, who is my apparent spirit guide.  He was napping until I poked him – not the smartest thing to do when approaching a sleeping lion.  “Oh, it’s you.  Hello.”  Clearly, my lion is very chill.  But the weird part is that I’ve seen “him” pop up in other meditations.  I got some resonating advice, too, but I’ll keep that part to myself.

Past Life Regression

This was the first meditation I ever tried.  When I came back, I couldn’t stop talking about our experience.  First of all, I was murdered in my past life during a train robbery.  “Recalling” this moment of my life made me squirm and cry.  By the way, I was also a guy.  I can’t prove it, but the fact that the entire “life” I apparently lived seemed so left field to what I expected, I can’t help but believe there was something to what I saw and felt.

Feel free to try these out, and let me know what you experience.  They’re always great reads.


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