Usain Bolt Might Play for Manchester United

Usain Bolt revealed that he’s been talking to Sir Alex Ferguson about potentially playing for Manchester United.  Now that’s a sports mash up for the ages.

Sprinting has always been Bolt’s game.  In fact, he’s known as the fastest man in the world – he ran 100 meters in 9.58 seconds.  He’s also got eight Olympic gold medals sitting around the house.  In his last race, the men’s 4×100 meter, he suffered a hamstring cramp that prematurely ended his effort.

First, Bolt will have a trial with the German sports club Borussia Dortmund.  Puma, Bolt’s sponsors, set up the trial.  However, the sprinter reiterated his desire to play for legendary Manchester United.

Bolt spoke exclusively with U.K. newspaper The Sunday Express:

In March we’re going to do a trial with Dortmund and that will determine what I do with that career, which way it goes. If they say I’m good, and that I need a bit of training, I’ll do it.  It makes me nervous. I don’t get nervous but this is different, this is football now. It’ll take time to adjust but once I play a few times I’ll get used to it.

One of my biggest dreams is to sign for Manchester United. If Dortmund says I’m good enough, I’ll crack on and train hard.  I’ve spoken to Alex Ferguson and I told him he needs to put in a good word.  He told me if I get fit and ready, he will see what he can do.

Starting small is a smart move for Bolt.  While everyone knows that he has the speed, he must concentrate on his footwork before anyone takes him seriously.  While he might have convinced Sir Ferguson, the real test comes with getting incumbent manager Jose Mourinho on his side.

Any club that picks up Bolt will definitely see a marketing spike.  And if Bolt proves a good player, he’s only 31 – that means he’s got a lot of mileage left for the soccer field.

The last time I saw a sports mashup this huge, Michael Jordan was playing baseball.  And well, we all know how that turned out.  Best of luck to the Lightning Bolt!


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