5 Running Gear Hacks That You’ve Probably Never Thought About

When I ran the Cocoa Beach Marathon, my pacer (the best one I’ve ever had) told me to always “run smart”.  And somehow, those two simple words transformed my entire outlook on running.  I am constantly looking for new ways to be efficient in my running game.  Recently, I realized that I could even optimize my running gear for a better experience.  Here are five running hacks that jive well with my “run smart” mantra.

Sleep in Your Clothes

If you’re a morning runner, this can help you mentally prepare to jump out of bed and get on the road.  It just means you’ve eliminated yet another to-do in your morning workout routine.  And thus, you’ve spared precious minutes.  If that seems too gross, you can always lay them out the night before.

Shower in Your Clothes

This one is great for the time-pressed or the traveler.  Or even both.  I know.  At first, even I had to scratch my head about this one.  But it actually makes a lot of sense.  Running clothes stink when you finish up.  By hopping in the shower with them on, you’re getting rid of the accumulated sweat (and stench) right away.  That means if you’re lucky, you can get almost four uses out of your running clothes before they need a session in your washer.  Just take off your shoes first!

Buy multiple shoes for better training

Keep an eye on gym shoe sales, then scoop up two or three pairs.  By constantly rotating your shoe, you can stress less about your gym shoe’s lifespan.  Moreover, it’s a good training tactic because it helps make sure you’re not repeating the same motions and straining your body.

Tie a key into your ponytail or shoes

If you’re a minimalist runner like me, this trick will be the most important hack on this list.  Keys are the biggest pain to hold onto during a run.  If you’re still waiting for your Nathan Belt (re: Running Essentials), this is a great tactic to focus less on what’s in your hands and more on having fun.

Wear pantyhose under your socks

If you have a tendency to get blisters, this trick is essential.  The pantyhose helps smooth out the bumps along your feet, which means you have less tendency to get blisters.

What are some clothing hacks that you love to use?


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