The Asics x Snow White Collection is Code for “Shut Up and Take My Money”

Snow White x Asics

Did you know that Snow White turned 80 last month?  Safe to say she’s giving J.Lo a run for her money.  When it comes to fashion, any collaboration involving a Disney princess is sure to turn into a “shut up and take my money” situation on my end.  Well, get ready, Asics.  You’re about to receive the few dollars that I have in my bank account for clothes that I don’t need.

The iconic running shoe line just released an Asics x Snow White shoe collection, and I rate the shoes a definite “heigh-ho”.  All nine shoes are dedicated to a character in the movie.  The shoes themselves are a great fashion staple to any athleisure wardrobe.  However, they’re also packing serious support if you’re trying to whistle while you work out.  Maybe you can get super on theme and run the Disney Princess Half Marathon? (Hint: the race ends with a Snow White medal).

Snow White

To me, these are the fairest of them all.  The detachable bow is a nod to Snow White’s traveling cape.  The inside has some really cool poison apple detailing, too.

Disney Snow White GEL-Lyte: $155

The Evil Queen

Yas, queen.  This shoe has black, purple, and gold detailing perfect for any villain.  And the best part?  That giant crown on the shoe’s tongue is sure to be a conversation starter.  Mostly a conversation about how special and royal you are.  Hopefully, not about how you poison teenagers with apples.

Disney Evil Queen GEL-Lyte: $155

The Seven Dwarfs

Alas, the dwarfs are only available for kids.  However, each style is based on the color palettes of our girl S.W.’s height-challenged companions.  On the inside, they put cute illustrations of their respective dwarfs.  Which one are you?  Personally, I’ve always considered myself a Sleepy.  I really love napping.

Disney Gel Lyte GS: $80

And now, I will sit here and wait patiently for a Beauty and the Beast line.


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