I Finally Tried Skin Laundry. Here’s My Honest Review.

Skin Laundry was all the rage about three years ago. But three years ago, I had unblemished, perfect skin so it wasn’t on my radar.

Fast forward to today. My skin is less than stellar due to major stress I’ve experienced the last few months. Thus, it’s my resolution to get this under control ASAP. That’s when my friend Mary Kate recommended that I try a free facial from Skin Laundry.

Where is it?

Skin Laundry has expanded its locations beyond New York and California. They’re also offered in Hong Kong, London, and my beloved Chicago.

How much is it?

A major plus of Skin Laundry is that your first facial is free. After that, it’s possible to buy bundles and save a bit of coin if you see this becoming a long-term skincare routine. Emphasis on “a bit”.

Source: SkinLaundry.com

Personally, 2 facials per month at $110 sounds pricey, but reasonable, to me.

What happened?

I scheduled an appointment online – it was absurdly easy to do. When I arrived, I checked in at the front desk and felt incredibly self-conscious: the people behind the front desk have glowing skin and not the kind that you get from putting on makeup.

I waited for a few brief moments and was whisked into a pristine room where I discussed my skin woes and gently had my skin cleaned. When I was deemed good to go, the nurse put goggles on me and moved onto the YAG laser.

The YAG laser penetrates your skin 2.5 mm below the surface. It kills bacteria, cleans dirt, and stimulates collagen production. When used on your face, it smells as though your face is being scorched. Allegedly, this is the bacteria dying. However, I’ve also read articles that say this is peach fuzz on your face frying off. Comforting.

Next, a cool gel was applied to my face. At this point, I just wanted to take a nap. I felt so comfortable. That is until the IPL light started flashing. Even with goggles, I could see how bright the light was. Essentially, it felt like someone was using super intense flash photography close to my face. Then, the gel was wiped off my face. The end.

It only took ten minutes, tops.

Did it hurt?

Overall, I’d say no. I only experienced mild discomfort with the YAG laser. Essentially, you feel a mild “am I being electrocuted?” sensation. I kept feeling (or thought I was feeling), my muscles tensing up from the shocks. Every other part of the facial was super comfortable. In fact, I slightly wish it was longer than ten minutes.

What benefit have you seen?

I probably ruined every benefit the treatment had because I could not stop touching my face afterward. It feels incredibly smooth and looks noticeably more even-toned and radiant. I’ll definitely be back – Skin Laundry recommends doing a few treatments per month, but it’s so quick that it’s easily manageable.

Any other perks at Skin Laundry?

I’d say, by far, you are signing up for the speed of the service. The results I saw were historically restricted to a facial that lasted over 90 minutes. Unfortunately, I have heard that deeper skin tones should probably avoid this treatment. Some dermatologists even consider the treatment, well, a bunch of bologna. You can read all about that here.

Interested?  Check them out and book a free facial.


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