Part 5: Your 25 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring cleaning challenge.jpg

Welcome to part THREE of your challenge! We’re so close, people. Click here for part 2.

Doesn’t it feel so good to finally be out of hibernation?  Here in New York City, the birds are chirping, mariachi bands are playing on the subway (actually, they always do that), and there is an air of excitement everywhere you turn.  Spring is a time for fresh starts and no fresh start is complete without a little cleaning.  Spring cleaning, that is.

Living minimalist is its own form of liberation.  And listen, I totally get it.  Cleaning sucks and it’s time-consuming.  So, I challenge you for the next 30 days to complete this list.  By the end of the month, you’re gonna be so happy.

Don’t forget your tools!

A Notebook

To keep track of anything around your house that looks like it’s going to be a major project you need to complete sometime after the month is complete.  Examples include sorting old photos into a scrapbook or organizing your closet.

Donation Box

Self-explanatory.  This is stuff that is going to those in need.  It’s also helpful to keep a running list of bigger items that need to be donated.

For Sale Box

Because making money for your efforts is a great motivator in making sure you keep at it!

Repair Box

Is it broken?  Put it in here.  We’ll get back to it later.

Sort It Later Box

Let’s say you find a rolling pin inside your nightstand.  Resist all urge to run back to the kitchen.  Just throw it in this box and make a note to sort it later.

I’ll make this easy for you and deliver your challenge in bite-sized chunks.  Here are your next five days:

Day 21

  • Dust your blinds, then vacuum the floor underneath.
  • Wash your walls – you’d be surprised how much grime accumulates.
  • Mark any wall that looks stained or needs a touch up with some paint. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional to do it for you.

Day 22

  • Wash all of your bed linens. This means pillows, sheets, duvet covers, etc.
  • Gather up all throw blankets and wash them, too.
  • Hire professionals to wash your windows.

Day 23

  • Go through personal or financial documents (you know these have been building up). Shred and/or scan them for your own personal records.
  • Tend to your plants or replace them with new ones.
  • Wash your gardening gloves.

Day 24

  • Replace kitchen gloves and sponges.
  • Replace toothbrushes.

Day 25: THE END

  • Go through the items in the donate and sell box. You know what to do – adios!
  • Fix items in the repair box, or get them repaired by a professional. If they can’t be repaired, they go in the trash.
  • Put the items in the sort it later boxes back in their rightful places.
  • Review your notebook and plan the larger projects.

And that’s it! After 25 days, you are set and fully spring cleaned. Time to pat yourself on the back and go get some ice cream.

My inspiration for this post.  I highly recommend following Elizabeth's cleaning program as well.

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