Elle Hatamiya: This 12-Year-Old Can Lift More Than You

I despise lifting weights. In fact, I can only lift one when a trainer is screaming in my face. Well, a 12-year-old girl just upstaged me. And she probably upstaged you, too.

Meet Elle Hatamiya.

She weighs 80 pounds, but she can deadlift double her weight. That’s not all. She also practices gymnastics and Cuong Nhu martial arts. Every week, she squeezes in 2 hours of weightlifting into her already-packed schedule.

After her warmup, Hatamiya begins her deadlifting practice. The first move is called a “snatch”, which means she lifts the weight over her head in one more. Then, there is the “clean and jerk”, where Elle hoists the weight to her shoulders and then jerks it over her head.

Her personal best is 153 pounds. Meanwhile, I’m at Barry’s slowly dying to lift 10 pounds in a butterfly motion while the instructor just SMH’s.

Now, to me deadlifting sounds like it could be a little sketchy, especially for a preteen. But hey, I run 26 miles for fun, so who knows? Elle’s mother reassures concerned citizens that her daughter is in perfectly capable hands.

In an interview with Popsugar:

The heaviness doesn’t worry me at all. With the snatch and the clean and jerk, there is so much technique necessary to make a successful lift, if you don’t use proper form, you won’t be able to lift it. Elle gets excellent private training from her coach, Arnold Chua, and she has extremely good body awareness and ability to make whatever corrections he gives her…

The only injuries that Elle has sustained to date are in gymnastics.

It’s clear that Elle is motivated, and a lot of that is chalked up to her role models.

I look up to Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, and Laurie Hernandez.

One day, she hopes to compete in the Olympics for weightlifting. Feel free to check out Elle’s Instagram account for some crazy lifting videos.

I’ll be sure to use them as motivation next time my spaghetti noodle arms need to lift something heavier than 5 pounds.


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