This Picture From a Morning Run in Central Park is Breathtaking

Historically, I haven’t always been the biggest fan of the morning run. But recently, I’ve found myself loving it more and more. I think the biggest positive of running in the morning is twofold: no traffic and breathtaking views.

Finding a sparsely populated road or trail in New York City is a total premium. By waking up earlier for morning runs, I’ve found many open roads for me to finally get in that speedwork that has suffered since my move. Safety-wise, there are still a good amount of people around. That’s important, especially since the sun isn’t fully risen. However, there’s still not enough people to crowd my run – even on the Brooklyn Bridge!

As I said, the views at dawn are simply stunning. I remember they were equally surreal back in Chicago. There’s just something about being out and watching the sunrise. Just check out this view I snapped a month ago at 6:00 am. The 1975 lyrics are courtesy of my Instagram stories. You are so welcome.

How beautiful is that? And to be honest, the picture doesn’t do that moment justice at all.

I’m not the only one that’s caught on to a good morning run in New York City. Another New York roadrunner captured a breathtaking view of Central Park in the early hours. His post is titled “5am at Central Park“.

Ironically enough, I hate crowds yet I choose to live in NYC. Still, I manage to drag myself out of bed every morning to get out for a run in Central Park. Today, I brought my camera and captured the view I get to see with a select few other individuals. As the title suggests, there have been mornings when it was just me. There is always an ambulance parked at one of the entrances, so I am not counting those guys, but otherwise it’s a surreal experience and I recommend it.


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