Remember that girl that finished last place in your middle school cross country races?  Like, really last place?  Yeah, that was me.  I hated running, and I swore up and down I’d never run again after I was 13.

Then, I started running again 12 years ago.  Much like Forrest Gump, there was no rhyme or reason to why I started again.  I just felt like it, and this time the experience was much more uplifting.

To date, I have run some of the greatest marathons in the world.  I’ve gotten medals in Chicago, Boston, New York, Louisville, and Cocoa Beach.  Occasionally, I’ve won a few 5Ks.  Most importantly, I have a lot of SWAG from health and fitness expos.

Running has helped me through the highs and the lows of my life.  It’s taken me to exotic cities and the unexplored (or often explored) domains of my backyard.  I love to do it, and I want you to love it, too!

Many of my close friends seek me out for running advice, and I usually can’t shut up about it anyway.  I figure this is a good outlet versus hijacking every dinner conversation to talk about long-distance running.

I hope this blog shows you some tricks I’ve learned along the way, or that it can give you an occasional laugh.  Feel free to share your thoughts or questions.  You’re welcome here, unicorn.

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